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My favorite Disney Attractions

I went picture heavy on this because there is so much to love.


On the left side of the page is a picture of the Epcot Center map I took, Figment, Goofy, Pete’s Dragon from Main Street Electrical Parade, and title signs for both night time parades at Magic Kingdom over the years.  I did a small amout of journaling, but I’m really thinking of turning into a list. I’m just not liking the way it came out.  For the title i used more of the cardstock and the Silhouette. It doesn’t stand out too much, but it’s very me. I used Lawn Fawn’s new letter stickers for the title. The right side is all about my love of the Disney thrill rides. Space Mountain, Test Track, Tower of Terror, and Expedition Everest. I used Lawn Fawn’s Quinn’s ABC stamps for the title of the journaling card and a filler card from the PL kit. Again not sure if I love it, but except for the create they’re all feelings I have for these attractions and characters on this layout.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting! ❤ Ann


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PD: Page 2-3

There are really 2 1-pagers that happen to fit next to each other. The left page is getting around. The title square is from Project Life with Lawn Fawn stamps added. The circle card is cut from the Silhouette with the Project Life cardstock. (as was the chevron) I used some Technique Tuesday on the journaling card.  (I need to add a tag to note when those parking prices were accurate which was 2006)

The other page is kind of a general information of the parks. Each park has a card with it’s park name, opening date, icon, and some idea of what the park is all about. here you can see what each card actually reads. It also makes the MGM title easier to see. Yes, I did ignore the whole “Disney’s” in the park names. I think it sounds stupid. So to me it doesn’t exist. I tied to give each park it’s own color and or stamp theme. I had a lot of trouble with Epcot. I did the blue stripe to cover the World Showcase side, but the hearts well….it’s my favorite park. That’s really the only thing I thought of.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting! ❤ Ann

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Project Disney: Title Page

I had started this project back in October of last year. Then the holidays and then the move got in the way. Today I finally got the title page done!. Just a couple of things before I start. I will not be using any Disney stickers or such in the book. I will very rarely use Disney colors for things. I’m using the Clementine Project Life kit. I’m a huge Disney fan, but I’m very much over the black, red, yellow stuff. And that block font that I never see used at Disney except on scrapbook stuff. Yeah you won’t see that either.

What you will see. 16 trips to Disney mainly over 4 page spreads. (One trip is like 10 pages and it was only 4 days) You’ll see a lot of my thoughts and memories and a few photos like the icons will overlap.

Without further ado: The title page


The first photo slot just holds a 4×6 Clementine filler card with a castle cut from the Silhouette (castle_C00176_20387) with the patterned paper kit for the Clementine kit.  I then cut a shadow in kraft, because nothing is complete without kraft cardstock. The 2nd 4×6 photo slot is the entry sign you see when entering Disney property. The middle row is the Florida welcome center sign, a no bad dancing sign (the safety warning from every attraction), a journaling card covering why I’m doing this, a random Animal Kingdom photo, and the bottom two slots. The left is David and I on our first trip together in 2005 (at AK) and the right is our most recent trip in 2010 (at AKL).

There are 3 2-page spreads before I get to covering the first trip. Hopefully I can do a spread a week and someday get the project actually finished.

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Updates and Crafting thoughts.

I’m working on lots of projects right now:

  • December Daily
  • Project Disney
  • Christmas Cards
  • Holiday Gift Card Sets
  • Regular Scrapbook Pages
  • Project Life 2012?

Well December Daily is sadly far behind. I did great for days 1 and 2. I have journaling done for 3, 4, and 5. Since the 5th I haven’t sat at my desk. I just haven’t had the inspiration. *even though I received 3 new Lawn Fawn stamp sets* I think even if I don’t work on it now I’m going to try to keep some notes and take photos and work on the project later. So I might not finish until February, but that’s okay with me.

Project Disney is finally going to be moving somewhere. I had been waiting and waiting for the new Clementine Kit on Wednesday night.  It should be here Monday and I’m going to start putting it together. (even though I’ve lost all my notes somewhere)  I also ordered the cardstock pack so I can die cut some shapes to go on the filler cards. (I even bought about 30 shapes from the Silhouette store for the project)

Christmas Cards are mostly finished…well 10 of them are ready to send out I just need to get some stamps. I need to get a few more addresses and assemble  the rest, but they will be sent out before Christmas.

I had the idea to make several 24 card gift sets to give to several people as Christmas gifts. I haven’t even started on them. I know I can pull a few from my stock of cards I’ve already made, but I need to make quite a few more, but as I mentioned in my December Daily update I’m just not feeling inspired when sitting at my desk.

This lack of inspiration has rolled over into my scrapbook pages. I don’t remember the last layout I made. I know I’ve made a few cards, but no new layouts. Maybe I’m becoming a card maker and less of a scrapbooker.  Part of me is at a cross roads. How many layouts do I really need about my fairly boring life right now. I’m sure in the future I’ll have moments I’ll want to capture and remember, but right now I’m just not feeling scrap worthy. So I’m going to be okay that all the photos I’ve printed, papers I’ve bought, and stuff I’ve collected will be used, but just not today.

If you  just read the last paragraph you’re probably wondering why would she consider Project Life if she feels her life is so not scrap worthy. Well I would do it more like a highlight certain days and events. It would also be a digital project. (que the gasp sound) It would be a Shutterfly book so don’t go thinking I’m finally going to buy and learn to use Photoshop in anyway. I don’t have plans to right now, but if the software arrived and a class to learn it I would be cool with that. But it would need to be an idiot class. I went to my tech support husband when the mute button on my new laptop was asking funny. I really have zero computer skills even though I was raised around them and had the internet most of my life. (back when not everyone had a computer and the internet)

Well if you’re still reading this. Thanks for sticking around. Thank you for reading and happy crafting! ❤ Ann

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Project Disney: The Photos

My favorite ups man dropped off the box from Shutterfly about an hour ago.

First there is the box..that inside holds all the photos for my project.




Inside were 6 beautiful orange folders

Inside each folder is a set of index prints that shows you what is in each folder ❤ that. It was easy to find the 4x3s that needed to be trimmed.


Here’s what they look like stacked the 4×6, the ones that need to be trimmed, and the index prints

Last all the 4x3s trimmed.

Now I just need to spend some time rounding all the corners and I’ll be ready to go. After separating the photos I realized I didn’t have many pictures of some of my favorite Disney events. So I have 75 free prints and I may put together a 2nd order of photos that I forgot.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting! ❤ Ann

Project Disney is my use for the Project Life kit designed by Becky Higgins.

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Stepping forward with Project Disney

It’s becoming real. Tonight I ordered, well my wonderful husband (he had Prime), A big box of A and a set of C page designs. I have been working over the last week and half or so pulling all photos from files and laying them out on paper so that I could print only what I really needed and in the right sizes. The biggest problem I started to run across…when you have a photo taken of you with an icon 99% of the time it’s a vertical photo. I also am a vertical picture taker, thankfully my husband takes beautiful horizontal photos.   So far to cover just about everything I want from 16 trips I’m order 541 photos (this inclues many 4×6 photos that have 2-4×3 verticals on them) between discount codes, gift cards, and sales I’m hoping to place my order with Shutterfly this weekend as well. I’m adding a photo of one of my sketched out pages, but please excuse the crappy cellphone picture.  Each trip will have two 2 page spreads of design A. Depending on the trip there might be an extra A or C or more included. This trip September 2007 has a C added to it to help cover something..most likely Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. It’ll go between the two page spread that also have a photo or the journaling card for the photos.  I also have a big project box filled with memorabilia, embellishments, and if I travel with this kit it’ll hold all the other stuff I’ll need (tiny attacher, stamps, adhesive, pens, and some premade diecuts I want to have on hand made with the new cardstock pack that is also coming out.

I have to say I feel like this is becoming a monster project, but I know in the end it’ll feel wonderful to have it all done. I still need to get albums for this project, but I want to wait until it’s done so I know how many I need and go to Hobby Lobby and get black cloth albums (I prefer cloth to leather) when they’re 50% off.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting! ❤ Ann


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Project Life: But maybe Project Disney

I’ve taken 10+ trips to Disney since 2005. I think I’ve actually scrapbooked 2 into albums. I’ve done tons of pages of my trips, but nothing that if anyone ever wanted to know what I did on different trips would easily be able to see. This is where Project Life comes in. While I’m not a 12×12 scrapbooker, I’m much more creative with rectangles, and I don’t have an interesting day-to-day life. I think it would be a quick and easy way to capture all the Disney memories into one big book. I still have room keys, special event tickets, maps, and other junk. I can look at photos almost always remember what the feeling was at that time or day…and what I can’t I can make up or piece together from other photos. Yes, I could run into the problem that trip 1 looks like trip 5, but in a way each is different, but I think that’s why I didn’t do individual trip albums…How many this is World Showcase pages does one need to make. (well I can think of about 4, Day to Day, Food and Wine, Flower and Garden, and Holiday)

I’ve even thought that the in between trip pages I could put a bit of journaling about what changed between attractions, announcements, weather, or in the case of a 4 trip on 3 month span the progress of the removing of the Epcot wand (and I am still very thankful it’s gone)

Okay, I’m sure I’ve rambled enough about my thoughts…but sometimes jotting them down and putting them out there just makes it so much easier to think about.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting ❤ Ann
P.S. I'll either have a card to share on Friday or another rambling post about my lack of creativeness. Here's hoping for the former.


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