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My One Little Word(s)

One Little Word was developed by Ali Edwards. You can read about the project and her word for 2012 on her blog


On Sunday I was sure my word was going to be Adventure, but then I delayed my blog post. So I began to waver on my word. So I haven’t nailed down my word, but it’s travel related:

  • Journey
  • Adventure
  • Explore

This is the first time I’ve taken on this project and I’m doing it without taking Ali’s class. I’m going to be away from my scrapbook stuff for at least a month when we move from Kennesaw, GA to San Jose, California and I just wasn’t sure I wanted to sign up for a class I’d miss part of.  This also explains why I’m looking at a travel word. My husband and I have grown up in the metro Atlanta area our entire lives.  All our family is here and friends. So moving across the country will be an Adventure with a lot to Explore along the Journey.

Maybe I’ll just have 3 words, or maybe as the days and weeks go on my word will come to me, but until then I’ll be pinning anything and everything that inspires me with these words.

Are you participating in One Little Word?



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