Project Life: But maybe Project Disney

I’ve taken 10+ trips to Disney since 2005. I think I’ve actually scrapbooked 2 into albums. I’ve done tons of pages of my trips, but nothing that if anyone ever wanted to know what I did on different trips would easily be able to see. This is where Project Life comes in. While I’m not a 12×12 scrapbooker, I’m much more creative with rectangles, and I don’t have an interesting day-to-day life. I think it would be a quick and easy way to capture all the Disney memories into one big book. I still have room keys, special event tickets, maps, and other junk. I can look at photos almost always remember what the feeling was at that time or day…and what I can’t I can make up or piece together from other photos. Yes, I could run into the problem that trip 1 looks like trip 5, but in a way each is different, but I think that’s why I didn’t do individual trip albums…How many this is World Showcase pages does one need to make. (well I can think of about 4, Day to Day, Food and Wine, Flower and Garden, and Holiday)

I’ve even thought that the in between trip pages I could put a bit of journaling about what changed between attractions, announcements, weather, or in the case of a 4 trip on 3 month span the progress of the removing of the Epcot wand (and I am still very thankful it’s gone)

Okay, I’m sure I’ve rambled enough about my thoughts…but sometimes jotting them down and putting them out there just makes it so much easier to think about.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting ❤ Ann
P.S. I'll either have a card to share on Friday or another rambling post about my lack of creativeness. Here's hoping for the former.



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2 responses to “Project Life: But maybe Project Disney

  1. mindingmomma

    Hopped over from 2peas…
    Disney albums are soooo much fun to make. I premake many pages for our trips and then have fun trying to take just the right photo.
    I think doing a few pages of each park with different years tossed in for your looks changing as well as the park would be a great start.
    Can’t wait to read through your blog…

  2. My friends and I take a big trip to Disneyland each year and I absolutely love the idea of turning the Project Life kit into a Disneyland project!! I simply can not wait to see how you use Project Life for your Disney trips. I admit, I may be doing a bit of scraplifting! =)

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