Updates and Crafting thoughts.

I’m working on lots of projects right now:

  • December Daily
  • Project Disney
  • Christmas Cards
  • Holiday Gift Card Sets
  • Regular Scrapbook Pages
  • Project Life 2012?

Well December Daily is sadly far behind. I did great for days 1 and 2. I have journaling done for 3, 4, and 5. Since the 5th I haven’t sat at my desk. I just haven’t had the inspiration. *even though I received 3 new Lawn Fawn stamp sets* I think even if I don’t work on it now I’m going to try to keep some notes and take photos and work on the project later. So I might not finish until February, but that’s okay with me.

Project Disney is finally going to be moving somewhere. I had been waiting and waiting for the new Clementine Kit on Wednesday night.  It should be here Monday and I’m going to start putting it together. (even though I’ve lost all my notes somewhere)  I also ordered the cardstock pack so I can die cut some shapes to go on the filler cards. (I even bought about 30 shapes from the Silhouette store for the project)

Christmas Cards are mostly finished…well 10 of them are ready to send out I just need to get some stamps. I need to get a few more addresses and assemble  the rest, but they will be sent out before Christmas.

I had the idea to make several 24 card gift sets to give to several people as Christmas gifts. I haven’t even started on them. I know I can pull a few from my stock of cards I’ve already made, but I need to make quite a few more, but as I mentioned in my December Daily update I’m just not feeling inspired when sitting at my desk.

This lack of inspiration has rolled over into my scrapbook pages. I don’t remember the last layout I made. I know I’ve made a few cards, but no new layouts. Maybe I’m becoming a card maker and less of a scrapbooker.  Part of me is at a cross roads. How many layouts do I really need about my fairly boring life right now. I’m sure in the future I’ll have moments I’ll want to capture and remember, but right now I’m just not feeling scrap worthy. So I’m going to be okay that all the photos I’ve printed, papers I’ve bought, and stuff I’ve collected will be used, but just not today.

If you  just read the last paragraph you’re probably wondering why would she consider Project Life if she feels her life is so not scrap worthy. Well I would do it more like a highlight certain days and events. It would also be a digital project. (que the gasp sound) It would be a Shutterfly book so don’t go thinking I’m finally going to buy and learn to use Photoshop in anyway. I don’t have plans to right now, but if the software arrived and a class to learn it I would be cool with that. But it would need to be an idiot class. I went to my tech support husband when the mute button on my new laptop was asking funny. I really have zero computer skills even though I was raised around them and had the internet most of my life. (back when not everyone had a computer and the internet)

Well if you’re still reading this. Thanks for sticking around. Thank you for reading and happy crafting! ❤ Ann


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  1. I had a major lack of inspiration during the most part of the year, tons of projects in mind and zero project done. I wasn’t ok with that, but didn’t even force myself to do something not having fun. I had fun lately doing a vacation mini, and “kinda” doing dec daily. I think if you’re having some fun doing the cards, keep doing them, sooner or later you’re feel the need to scrap a new story… And I’m sure the new year and maybe the new Project Life will help getting back on track 🙂

    Gab. (from 2peas).

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