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Product Review: Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro

I bought this roller a little less then a year ago when I found out that my favorite adhesive, Kokuyo, wasn’t going to be sold in the US anymore. The store I was at was offering a deal on buying the roller and getting a refill free. I guess this should have been a sign that it might have been a product that wasn’t moving as this store rarely runs sales.  I’ve used about 12 refills over that time and I had 2 that the tape broke, but I was able to fix that on my own and  2 or 3 that at times were difficut to roll but if I moved the roller on a few feet it would start to work properly again.  I guess this should have been a 2nd sign that I should have looked for something else, but it was a good price at Hobby Lobby for refills when they were on sale and I hate shopping for good adhesives.  I sat down earlier this week to start making cards when the 1st of the 3 I’ve had trouble with this week failed. I posted on their Facebook page hoping there was a quick and easy fix so I could quickly get back to crafting. Someone posted a couple hours later that I should called CS and have them trouble shoot. I’m sorry I hate calling anyone unless it’s a life or death reason. I was hoping for a take some duct tape or something response from anyone, but now my post has been removed by them. (this is a big problem to me as well.. companies censoring their pages) So I did the next logical thing to me..chalk it up to a bad roll and just use the other two I had on hand. The 2nd suffered the same fate last night around 11pm and well craft stores aren’t open 24 hours a day for emergencies, so I stuck my last roll in…this morning I just go crazy when my last roll fails after 3-4 feet and I had just 3 cards left to do. I take it out of the roller and start turning the roller with my fingers.  At least I was able to complete my projects.  Now I’ve decided that while about 50% of the time I get a roll that has no problems the other 50% have caused headaches.  Something that until today I hadn’t thought that closely about just chalking it up to a bad roll.  Also the packaging nor the roller tells me where these are made which is at this point means so little, but I thought products had to share where they were made.

I’m sure writing a review just a hour after you almost throw the whole thing across the room in frustation is going to be a bit biased towards the negative, but doing some searching you can find posts on message boards from others who haven’t been happy either.

The 3 broken rolls


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Product Review: Tim Holtz Grid Blocks

When I started stamping a few months ago I had a couple of blocks, a 3×3, 1×1, and 2×3. It didn’t take too long for me to add a 1×6 block. I then bought Lawn Fawn’s Say Cheese stamps, but I didn’t have a block big enough for the Polaroid. I could have bought a 4×6 block, but I couldn’t find one I was happy with. I then saw these wonderful blocks posted on Tim Holtz’s blog. There are 9 blocks in this set ranging from 1×2 to 5×8. I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy another block. Another bonus is that these are only 1/8th of an inch thick so they travel and store in just a fraction of the space 9 regular blocks. I feel with these being so thin I have better control over the stamps compared to other blocks. since these have a grid on them it’s easy to line up my stamps. I bought mine a local scrapbook store for $21,95. You can find them online at several stores: Stampers Anonymous  Simon Says Stamp (which as of 9/11 has them on sale for $18.66). You can also sometimes find these on ebay, but be careful as I’ve seen quite a few people selling a 5 pack of just smaller blocks for around $10.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting! ❤ Ann

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Review: Silhouette

I’d like to start off by saying Silhouette didn’t send me the machine, offer me anything, and the thoughts are all my own.

My journey to the Silhouette began 3 months ago. I was really getting back into the grove of scrapbooking and realized I owned about 10 cartridges for my Cricut that I had owned for 5 years. I loved it for titles and shortly after I sold my Quickutz shapes and fonts. (A decision at times I wish I didn’t make) I went to look at buying a couple more font cartridges only to find they didn’t really release any that were good and basic recently. I then thought about selling my Cricut and buying the Silhouette, but decided to buy Sure Cuts A Lot 2. While it opened up fonts on my computer I never really loved it. It felt like a lot of work and things still didn’t cut as well as I wanted.  Then recently when Provo Craft started suing SCAL2 and MTC. I knew I was done owning the Cricut.  I put my cartrdiges and Expression on Ebay (the Expression w/ 4 cartridges is still up for auction/sale if you’d like to own one)

I bought the Silhouette after a week of online comparing the other choices.I looked at 3 choices, The Pazzles, E-Craft, and Silhouette. The price on Amazon and the online store sold me, and reviews and opinions from 2peasinabucket helped even more.

I ordereed on Monday afternoon and so excited to get it in my hands I paid $4 to have it the next day (Thanks to Amazon Prime) I spent most of Tuesday waiting for my wonderful UPS man and then I installed it made one cut and was in love. The cuts were so much smoother then the Cricut with SCAL2 or even with a cartridge.  Then I spent the evening watching tv and spending time with my husband. Then yesterday I got to creating. I created this layout:

The title, Polaroid type frames and that scalloped border all cut with the Silhouette. Everything cut so smoothly. I’m still learning all the pressure settings, but it was wonderful. The border and frame both came from the online store. In fact that frame is only .50cents this week. I think I’ve downloaded all the free shapes and I’ve got over 100 on my wishlist.

My overall review: It’s a great powerful machine. The software was easy to figure out and there are tons of youtube videos that can help.

The Pros:  The detail it cuts. The Cricut could never cut the “Mini Golfer” letters without ripping. I can use any true type font from my computer (I’ve downloaded a bunch in the past couple days). It can print and then cut for digital elements. I want to try this out later this week. It has a small footprint so it doesn’t take up too much space in your craft area.

The Cons: There are 2 different sized mats. It’s hard sometimes to know which one to use. There are also a lot of pressure settings (30) and while there are some pre-set already programed I spent some time adjusting them to not wear my balde and mat out too quickly. I found and read online that with Bazzill if you lower the pressure to about 12-15 and do a double cut you’ll get a cleaner cut and it worked wonderfully. Also it can by nosiy. I’m not sure if it’s louder then my Cricut but I’m not bothered by it, but it may effect those close you if you’re a late night cropper.

The Others: It only cuts 8 inches wide. While this doesn’t bother me. I can’t say I’ve cut anything bigger then 6 inches in a very long time. It might be a factor some.

One reason I wanted to get my review up today is that StitchSteals has the Silhouette for only $179 and with shipping it’s only $194. Which is less then Amazon. They also have smooth and flocked vinyl, fabric interface, and rhinestones.

Thanks for reading & Happy Crafting! ~Ann


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Two Peas in a Bucket prize


I participated in the CHA Winter challenges and I won a prize from one of their sponsors. I was excited to open the box to find tons of Little Yellow Bicycle embellishments and a mini album. I can’t wait to start playing with all my new stuff.

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