Project Disney: Title Page

I had started this project back in October of last year. Then the holidays and then the move got in the way. Today I finally got the title page done!. Just a couple of things before I start. I will not be using any Disney stickers or such in the book. I will very rarely use Disney colors for things. I’m using the Clementine Project Life kit. I’m a huge Disney fan, but I’m very much over the black, red, yellow stuff. And that block font that I never see used at Disney except on scrapbook stuff. Yeah you won’t see that either.

What you will see. 16 trips to Disney mainly over 4 page spreads. (One trip is like 10 pages and it was only 4 days) You’ll see a lot of my thoughts and memories and a few photos like the icons will overlap.

Without further ado: The title page


The first photo slot just holds a 4×6 Clementine filler card with a castle cut from the Silhouette (castle_C00176_20387) with the patterned paper kit for the Clementine kit.  I then cut a shadow in kraft, because nothing is complete without kraft cardstock. The 2nd 4×6 photo slot is the entry sign you see when entering Disney property. The middle row is the Florida welcome center sign, a no bad dancing sign (the safety warning from every attraction), a journaling card covering why I’m doing this, a random Animal Kingdom photo, and the bottom two slots. The left is David and I on our first trip together in 2005 (at AK) and the right is our most recent trip in 2010 (at AKL).

There are 3 2-page spreads before I get to covering the first trip. Hopefully I can do a spread a week and someday get the project actually finished.


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