Workspace in Progress

I was asked about how I store my Washi Tape and I thought I’d share that and a quick overview of what my desk looks like right now. Nope I didn’t clean it up to share with you all. It’s never a clear table. Why pretend it is.

And I actually have photos on my desk. See I still scrapbook. The Technique Tuesday stamps you don’t see hanging (most of them) are in the Stuff that needs a home box. I haven’t decided how I want to handle my seasonal, lesser used stamps. Everything expect the baby wipes holder (Target) and the Copic storage (Cascade gel packs box) everything is from Ikea. Scrapbook supplies came from the internet, Michaels/Joann/Hobby Lobby, and my new favorite place to shop Our Paper Place If you come to visit I’ll take you there. If you live in the area go there. It’s amazing!

Now for the Washi Tape:I have all my Target tapes up front along with my roll of Smash tape and a couple of rolls from Michael’s. I really thought I had a roll with little people on them, but they’re birds on a wire. Not really the same thing.

Well that’s what I have set up so far. My inks, embellishments, random other stuff is still working on finding a good home under the table, but for now it’s all working.  Also there might be a post in a week or two about my attempt at packing for a 12 hour crop. I haven’t scrapbooked outside my house since before 2010. So that’ll be an adventure.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting! ❤ Ann


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  1. Wahoooo! You posted. Nice collection of lawn fawn stamps! …and everything else *cough* washi tape, hehe.

    Can’t wait to see the next project. Yippee! I should inspire you to do the 6×6 stuff, and you can inspire me to do anything scrappy. 🙂


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