Project Life Plans

I don’t live a glamours life. I don’t have kids, a lot of errands during the week, and my daily normally consists of dishes and dinner.  So I don’t have plans document daily. I don’t even know if I’ll have a layout a week, but I have lots of extra Clementine pieces leftover from my Project Disney that I don’t think I’ll need to order more pieces, but maybe a few plastics, but if so I’ll wait until until later.  I’ve seen a lot of opening pages already posted and I thought about making mine, but then I thought about my Project Disney and how I loved that the front pages shows off some of my favorite photos.  So I think my plan is to do the opening page at the end with just a few highlights and favorite photos of the year.  So you won’t see an opening from me until the end of 2012 (if I do keep up with the project)

I hope to keep up and I think taking a relaxed approach will help. Not saying that every week needs to be documented that I’ll be able finish the project.



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