Product Review: Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro

I bought this roller a little less then a year ago when I found out that my favorite adhesive, Kokuyo, wasn’t going to be sold in the US anymore. The store I was at was offering a deal on buying the roller and getting a refill free. I guess this should have been a sign that it might have been a product that wasn’t moving as this store rarely runs sales.  I’ve used about 12 refills over that time and I had 2 that the tape broke, but I was able to fix that on my own and  2 or 3 that at times were difficut to roll but if I moved the roller on a few feet it would start to work properly again.  I guess this should have been a 2nd sign that I should have looked for something else, but it was a good price at Hobby Lobby for refills when they were on sale and I hate shopping for good adhesives.  I sat down earlier this week to start making cards when the 1st of the 3 I’ve had trouble with this week failed. I posted on their Facebook page hoping there was a quick and easy fix so I could quickly get back to crafting. Someone posted a couple hours later that I should called CS and have them trouble shoot. I’m sorry I hate calling anyone unless it’s a life or death reason. I was hoping for a take some duct tape or something response from anyone, but now my post has been removed by them. (this is a big problem to me as well.. companies censoring their pages) So I did the next logical thing to me..chalk it up to a bad roll and just use the other two I had on hand. The 2nd suffered the same fate last night around 11pm and well craft stores aren’t open 24 hours a day for emergencies, so I stuck my last roll in…this morning I just go crazy when my last roll fails after 3-4 feet and I had just 3 cards left to do. I take it out of the roller and start turning the roller with my fingers.  At least I was able to complete my projects.  Now I’ve decided that while about 50% of the time I get a roll that has no problems the other 50% have caused headaches.  Something that until today I hadn’t thought that closely about just chalking it up to a bad roll.  Also the packaging nor the roller tells me where these are made which is at this point means so little, but I thought products had to share where they were made.

I’m sure writing a review just a hour after you almost throw the whole thing across the room in frustation is going to be a bit biased towards the negative, but doing some searching you can find posts on message boards from others who haven’t been happy either.

The 3 broken rolls


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  1. Ryann Salamon

    I had one and threw it away. I use an ATG from Scotch and I love it. It’s a little bigger than the Glue Glider Pro, but I got used to it fairly quick. The adhesive is super tacky, once it’s down, sometimes you can “roll” the adhesive off, but once you stick together two pieces of paper, it’s not coming apart. 🙂

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