A card using Project Life

My Project Life kit arrived yesterday and I was so disappointed. The colors were more muted then I thought they’d be, there was a very bad eye burning odor coming from the papers (I think from the inks), several of the sticker sheets were bent. I sent customer service an email and pretty much was told I could return it to Amazon for a undamaged and odor free kit. I’m sorry I’ve waited months for this and you want to spend a week + mailing it back and getting a new one. Yeah..I’ll just make due.  Although I’ll most likely not order any more of the paper products I do love the page protectors.

So today to try to make myself feel more into the kit and the money I’ve spent trying to do my Project Disney. I took a 3×4 filler card and a piece of cardstock and made a card. I sewed the top and bottom of the card and added a button with some twine (I think it’s devine twine, but I’m not sure)   Overall I think it’s a super cute card. I’m not sure how I feel about creamsicle color, but it’s growing on me.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting. ❤ Ann I’m planning a 3rd post for this week another Lawn Fawn “On the Mend” card.  So it seems I just need to write a post about feeling unmotivated and I feel energized to create.



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2 responses to “A card using Project Life

  1. Cute card-it’s nice that you are making “lemonade outs of lemons”.
    I’m waiting on my Cobalt kit to arrive and I’m a little nervous about the quality now. I will post pictures on my blog when it arrives.

  2. Hopefully it will grow on you. I hate getting things that weren’t as I thought they should be!

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