Does a layout always need a title?

Sometimes the pictures and/or journaling can speak for themselves right? I mean a picture is worth a thousand words; so maybe adding more will take away from the story the photos tell. This layout is a good example I think. I started out by putting the photos into Lawn Fawn stamped image polaroids and adding a couple phrases from Say Cheese, too. Then I began to struggle. I started adding more frames with pp inside, one with a little journaling and started piling them on, but I didn’t like the look. Then I took some Echo Park Splash paper and ribbon and put my two polaroids down. I thought about adding a small title, but I love the way this looks sweet, simple, and it lets the photos speak for themselves. Alice and Mad Hatter looking on at the tea cups wanting to ride and then a photo of them riding and spinning. What more is there to say. I was at a distance so I don’t know much else other then the date (August 28, 2007) I can easily write that on the back.  Do you think every page or layout needs a title or is it better from time to time to let the photos speak for themselves?

Thanks for reading and happy crafting! ❤ Ann



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2 responses to “Does a layout always need a title?

  1. I don’t suppose they all need a title, but I do like the look of graphic text in some way giving a place to start. For me, the words draw me in as much as the photos. However, there are always exceptions to the rule ya know.

  2. If this is just another page in a disney album, then nothing else is neccessary. If it is a stand alone event, you may want a little more text, if not a simple title to let the reader know why it was imprtant to you (aside from the cool composition of the pictures BTW!) -Happy Halloween! -Amanda

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