Silhouette how to: Using Digital PP

There are 2 ways of doing it:

The first way is simple click open, select the paper you want and then size it down to the size you want and then trace and select edge cut.

The second way is a few more steps, but you can add designs to any shape.

Step one: Open the shape you want to cut; make it what size you want

I’m using a set of labels that I use for title background and journaling blocks. 

Step two: Select File –> Open and open the folder with the paper you want to use, but DO NOT OPEN


I keep all my papers in folders by line in my digital scrapbooking folder

Step three: Select the paper you want to use, and drag it into the shape.

I selected papers at random just to show you how it looks.

Then you’re ready to go. You can print and then cut. You could add your journaling right on top or resize as needed. You can also go back and change the paper by dragging a new paper on top.

I hope this helps Thanks for reading and happy crafting ❤ Ann

Check back in the morning for a layout where I used the first method.



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4 responses to “Silhouette how to: Using Digital PP

  1. Great! Would love to see these papers used…I will have to try this!

  2. Carol

    Oh my goodness – you have opened a new world. I thought to myself as I dragged in the paper…this is never going to work…and it paused for a second or two – and there it was!!! Awesome – can’t wait to scrapbook this weekend and use this. Thank you!!

  3. This really will give all my digital scrapbooking papers new life! But I’m wondering if there is any way to move the papers around once you drag it into the Silhouette shape… like if you were using a paper that wasn’t a uniform pattern and you wanted the upper right corner to be in the middle of the shape? (I hope that makes sense!)

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