Photos taken: 820 Sunday had 414 photos taken while Friday only 16

My book is a 6×8 with a homemade cover I posted a couple weeks ago.  I’m having photos printed in 4 sizes for the book: 4×6 (just  a few) 3×4, 2×3, and 2×2. Each day will be a 4 page set. The first two pages are going to be the same sketch for each day and the other two pages will change depending on photos and stories to tell.  The left side will have a 3×4 photo, 2- 2×3 and a 2×3 journaling area. The right side will be 5 2×2 photos and 4 2×2 other things, memorabilia, embellishments, journaling, and whatnot.

I plan to add some patterned paper and color, but I haven’t decided how yet. I’m currently working on that since I won’t go to pick up my pictures until this evening from Walgreens. In total I’m printing 40 4×6 prints with all the different sizes. (I used Picasa to make collages of the photos on a 4×6 area)  Just a preview of the photos I printed.    I’m hoping to get started this evening, but my main goal is to have the project finished by the end of next week.   Thanks for reading and happy crafting ❤ Ann


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