I’m working on my first mini book in 2-3 years. It’s still a rectangular base size (4×6), and I’m loving it, but it got me thinking what makes it mini? Is it the 4×6 size because I’ve got 48 pages prepped for this book + covers. I’m only going to be using papers from the new Echo Park “For the Record” The theme of the book is Wedding Moments. It includes a lot of 4×3 photos from all the wedding events + the save the date and 1 photo from DH’s bachelor party. I’m going to bind it with my Bind-it-All when it’s all done. I think I’ve used it only 3-4 times since I had to have it shortly after it came out.

I hope when it’s done it’ll then be something I can show our wedding photos to friends and family and then I feel a bit more free to start minimoon, continue honeymoon, start my Disney blog album, and then catching up on the photos I haven’t printed in over 2 years (because outside of wedding photos and some honeymoon, I haven’t made a print order since mid 2009)

Here’s the cover to the “mini” book:

Thanks for reading & happy crafting!



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2 responses to “Minibook

  1. love makin minis. vvery cute.

  2. 2-3 years! wow!
    you don’t look rusty at all though 😉

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