Layout how to 1

A blank layoutI started with an 8.5×11 white base. I tend to start all my layouts with a cardstock base to give my album a “cohesive” look. I then added an 8×10.5 piece of patterned paper, in this case the the stripes. I then cut a 2nd pattern (the circles) to be 5×10 and since I used two fairly busy patterns I added a 10.25×5.25 piece of yellow under the circles and attached to the left side of the page about 3/4th of an inch in. I added a 4.5×6.5 white mat to the layout about 1.25 inches in and down. While I don’t normally use such a large mat I think with all the pattern it’ll help the photo shine. I’ll add the title under the photo and maybe a few journaling strips to the left.  I have a black and white photo I have in mind for the layout, but need to get it printed (on of my least favorite tasks)

You can easily switch out the 5×10 patterned paper for a cardstock piece and do a long bit of journaling, add a 2nd small photo to the left corner, or even add some ribbon to the photo mat or use a larger photo. (I love working with 4x6s so that’y why my photo mat is set up for that).

In case you’re like me and like to have all the measurements in one place:

1-8.5×11 cardstock; 1-8×10.5 patterned paper; 1-5×10 patterned paper; 1-5.25×10.25 cardstock; 1-4.5×6.5 photo mat


Thanks for reading and happy crafting!


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